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Name Music Dance: FNF Runner Rhythm
Category Music
Size 74.0MB
Popularity 5265
Publisher FUNNII DEV
Score 6.0
Publish Date 11/06/2022
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Mod Info:

Music Dance: FNF Runner Rhythm

Music Dance: FNF Runner Rhythm Game Introduction :

FNF Music Game with magic rhythm and illustrations. Enjoy now!
“Where words fail, music speaks.
Where words leave off, music begins.”

Dope days, magic night, good game, and mellow rhythm
Are you in the mood to hit the dance battle weekend? This Friday night, We\’ll bring to you a new runner music game known as FNF games with credible FNF beat battle.
Now Music Dance Start!!

This is a FNF music battle adventure world of teenage dreams – where a cool parkour game match with an FNF rhythm game into a blockbuster runner music game!! This arrow beat game will offer for beat star magic levels and tons of hit songs.
With catching rhythm game, this FNF music battle can set your Friday on fire. Our beat star are you ready to take on the role of a hot party super idol and sing, dance, jump into the FNF music battle of FNF music world – Music Dance?
Say yes!
You’re destined to be our beat star! Join our FNF beat battle!
Sing your songs, dance your style.

– As the arrow rhythm game progresses, runner will join the game characters, go through the magic backdrop on their youthful FNF music adventures.
-The runner has to control the arrow – Up, Down, feel the rhythm to hit the adorkable enemies and adorable boss by tapping the screen.
– Try not to miss any beat, to get the full combo and unlock other magic levels, characters, hit songs, or FNF games modes.
– Boom! Burn the stage! All you need is nimble fingers, a good sense of rhythm game, and a warm heart for falling into the endless FNF music battle.

– Enemies fall follow magic rhythm on this beat game. Let melodious sounds and the arrow flow from your fingertips with every single touch. Experience the fun of playing real sing sounds and tunes!
– Enjoy the variety of lines and speeds of this beat game. Never boring! Our FNF music battle game design allows runner to identify each dropping note at the highest speed. Play to the tunes of hit songs and beat star!
– A wide range of hit songs including EDM, Hip Hop, KPOP, Dance, and Piano, each styles match with different scenes, FNF games modes, enemies, and Bosses.
– Lovely beat star characters with a short story of their personalities in this arrow rhythm game.
– Eye-catching backgrounds, amazing color, and lighting visual animation design for every road from all FNF games modes. No matter your screen arrow size or finger thickness, this rhythm game will give runner an enjoyable FNF beat battle as much as possible!
– Different sing sound effects on dance that make a new remix of your favorite hit songs.

Why just listen to rhythm, if you can also sing, dance, and play with it as a real beat star? Feel the beat! Dance with us: “Everyone can music!”
Get ready to start your FNF beat battle with the most exciting and fun beat game.
Download Music Dance now!!\”

Music Dance: FNF Runner Rhythm Game screenshot :

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