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Name Stickman War Legacy 3
Category Casual
Size 33.9MB
Popularity 7904
Publisher WHWL
Score 6.0
Publish Date 30/12/2021
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Mod Info:

Stickman War Legacy 3 No need to watch ads to get rewards.

Stickman War Legacy 3 Game Introduction :

—story background—
In an original stickman world, various forces are fighting endlessly in order to win hegemony, but most of these forces have only one skill. For example, swordsmen are good at fast melee attacks but cannot deal with long-range archers. Archers are good at long-range high amounts. Killing but unable to deal with the spearman who can attack and defend. This also caused the war to last for a long time without a terminal, and the player is acting as a lord without any specialties, leading his own stickman soldiers, starting from the Magic Hill, passing through the Plains of Heroes, the Arrow Feather Wasteland, the Valley of Giants, The Empire of Order, the west wind coast, the uninhabited desert, the valley of chaos, and the empire of chaos rule this continent step by step.

Campaign mode
The campaign mode is a classic gameplay in the game. Players need to choose the units, skills, and blessings to fight, and make reasonable use of the lineup to defeat powerful enemies. There are a total of 12 levels, namely Magic Hill, Brave Plain, Arrow Feather Wasteland, Giant\’s Valley, Order Empire, West Wind Coast, Unmanned Desert, Chaos Valley, Chaos Empire. The enemy will become stronger and stronger. Make your strategy , With a reasonable lineup, you can win every battle!

Trial mode
The trial mode requires the use of designated soldiers to complete daily challenges. In the trial mode, the lineup cannot be changed, and the fixed units, skills, and blessings of the day are used to defeat the enemy. Test how to use your current advantages and win with fixed resources. When you win, you have a chance to get the corresponding card! It\’s time to train every day again, come and try!

Endless mode
In the endless mode, you will encounter endless enemies. The enemies will become stronger and stronger with the waves. Only by surviving each wave of enemies can you get the corresponding rewards. You can get the corresponding rewards without repelling a wave of enemies. At the same time, you will unlock the Seraph on the 10th night, the Lich\’s emblem on the 20th night, and the Decaying Blessing on the 40th night. If you are ready, then come to endless challenges!

to the player–cheats
(1) The round avatar is a soldier card, and the numbers below the avatar represent the gold mines and crystals required by the card to recruit soldiers.
(2) The pentagonal avatar is a skill card, and the numbers below the avatar represent the gold mines and crystals required by the card to recruit soldiers.
(3) The diamond head is a blessing card, which cannot be used actively, but will provide a powerful passive effect. When the √ under the blessing card disappears, it means that the blessing needs to meet certain conditions to take effect.

—Preparation for battle—
(1) Before entering the battlefield, you can click on the avatar of the card under the battle preparation to change the card.
(2) The miners in the deck are not replaceable. The deck can carry up to 5 soldier cards, including miners.
(3) When preparing for battle, you can see the slots next to the cards. Click on these slots to upgrade the card\’s abilities and attributes.

—Battle process—
(1) Using the scramble command allows your own soldiers to go to the center of the battlefield to occupy the altar. Successful occupation can make your own side gain powerful buffs.
(2) Click on the soldier to manually control the soldier to fight. When you manually control the soldier, it will continue to recover and greatly increase the damage.
(3) Individual melee soldiers can use hidden moves during manual control. Use [→+Attack] to explore the hidden moves of soldiers.

Stickman War Legacy 3 Game screenshot :

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