Download War Mania MOD APK v0.7.0 [Don\’t need google] for Android

Name War Mania
Category Card
Size 727.1MB
Popularity 6320
Publisher QJ Games
Score 6.0
Publish Date 03/08/2021
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War Mania Don\’t need google

War Mania Game Introduction :

War Mania Mod Apk is a role-playing strategy game where players will play as a commander and lead their army to conquer all enemies in war.

War Mania Mod Apk Game Content

War Mania Mod Apk Background In the late 20th century, the countries of the world were caught in a melee, players will lead their own team, defeat other forces, and fight for the peace of the world. Players will have a variety of battle modes in War Mania Mod Apk, which can be PVP or war between regions, or even war between alliances. The accumulation of resources and the joining of allies are very important. Only by gathering in a chaotic situation can we have more opportunities. With the help of allies, your construction speed will be improved to a certain extent. With the suggestions of allies, the formulation of strategies will be more targeted. In order to prevent the invasion of the enemy, the stability of internal development is very important. At this time, players need to invest certain resources in external defense.

War Mania Mod Apk Game Play

The operation of War Mania Mod Apk follows the practice of traditional strategy games, and players only need to click on the corresponding items to operate. Movement of combat units is simply by dragging them. Soldiers will automatically launch an attack after being moved to a suitable position.

The development of internal agriculture and industry is very important. Players need to pay corresponding attention, invest enough manpower and material resources, restart the factory, restore the farm to the state before the war, and the stable supply from the rear can ensure the success of the war. .

War Mania Mod Apk\’s rich system, fierce battles, will bring players the best gaming experience. If you want to experience more fun games, we recommend you Rise of the Roman Empire: Grow, Build your Kingdom Mod Apk​.

War Mania Game screenshot :

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